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Using Uniswap is easy and straightforward. First, you need to find a suitable Ethereum wallet. Popular wallets include MetaMask and Trust Wallet, but there are many others to choose from.
How Uniswap works?
Uniswap operates with two smart contracts - a swap and a production contract. These are computers designed specifically to execute functions when certain requirements are met. In these circumstances factory Smart Contracts are used for adding a new token on the platform, and Exchange Contract facilitates token swapping, or “ trading. The Uniswap v2 platform allows swapping between tokens with ERC20-based ERC20s.
Arbitrage trading is a fundamental component of Uniswap's ecosystem. These traders focus on identifying pricing anomalies in multiple markets, using them to make profitable profits. Using kreken for $35,500 and Binance for $35,440, bitcoins could be acquired from Binance then traded on kreken to gain a quick profit. If done with big volumes you may have substantial profits with very minimal losses. Arbitrage traders can look for tokens trading below the average price because big trading events create imbalances in the pool and raise / decrease the price and purchase them or sell them accordingly.
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